New risk assessment tool

Howden UK have been working with the LTA to create a new risk assessment tool as part of the annual LTA venue registration process. We understand that this part of the registration process can be laborious for clubs so we have reduced the number of risk assessment questions and improved the overall user experience.

Go to the new risk assessment tool: Click here

The risk assessment questions are designed to make your club safer places for your members (and the public). We see a genuine risk reduction in those clubs that regularly update, discuss and review their risk assessments on a regular basis. The tool enables year round updating and management of your clubs risk assessment.

Risk Assessments made available to clubs are tailored based on our understanding of the risks that you specifically face and have been selected based on information that you have previously provided to the LTA about your club. If there have been any changes to your club since you last updated the LTA and you believe that there may be additional risk assessments you should be completing, then please contact the Howden LTA service team

Completing the assessment will also provide you with the opportunity to reduce your property insurance premium.

User Guide

We have also created a user guide to help you easily use the tool. It can be found here.

Printable Risk Assessments

If you require a printable version of a risk assessment, these can be downloaded by clicking the appropriate link below:

Club House & General Property

Club Grounds, Car Parks and Storage

Indoor and Outdoor Courts

Changing Rooms

Temporary Structures

Swimming Pool

Glossary of Useful Terms