LTA Advantage Compete Members

Personal Accident Protection for Compete Members

As an LTA Advantage Compete member you are provided with insurance cover that will pay certain benefits if you suffer an accidental inury whilst playing tennis during the period of your membership. 

Benefits include:

Physiotherapy in treatment of a ruptured, snapped or torn ligament or tendon, broken bone or primary dislocation


Emergency dental treatment


Broken Arm (humerus, radius, ulna and carpus)


Broken leg (femur, tibia, fibula and tarsus)


Hospital in patient expenses

£50 per day (52 weeks)



Permanent Loss of Sight


Permanent Loss of Hearing in both ears


Permanent Total Disablement


Cover is provided to all LTA Advantage Compete members up to the age of 75 years.

Full details of all covers, including terms and conditions, can be found in the policy schedule and policy wording.

Public Liability Insurance 

As a member of a registered tennis club you are covered by Public Liability insurance whenever taking part in tennis or racket sports at a registered venue, competition or event.

This policy covers the cost of defending yourself against a claim if held responsible for loss, damage or injury to someone else or their property.

As a Compete Member you have this protection whenever you take part in tennis related activity, even if that is away from your registered club. 

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