FAQs for Venues

Who is covered?

Cover is provided for:

  • All National, County and Island Associations
  • All venues & programmes formerly registered to the LTA as places to play through their National, County or Island Association
  • Committees, members and coaches of members clubs registered to the LTA as Venue (formerly known as places to play)
  • Members of LTA Coach Accreditation or Accreditation+

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What is covered?

The Liability insurance includes cover for:

  • Public liability - bodily injury to third parties
  • Professional indemnity - losses out of errors and ommissions
  • Libel & Slander - including defamation
  • Abuse - protection for damages awarded against the organisation
  • Legal defence costs
  • Employers' liability - for damages and legal costs arising from death or injury caused to employees
  • Directors and officers liability - personal protection for committee members in respect of claims made against them relating to the management of the organisation. 

In addition National, County and Island Associations and certain other representative bodies may be covered for damage to or loss of Property, including business interruption cover. 

There are exclusions and limits against these policies as set out in the policy document. 

Please click here (PDF) for guidance if you are planning or hosting a bonfire and/or firework display.

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How much cover has been arranged?

The Limits of Indemnity provided under each section of cover are:

  • Public Liability:£60m (each and every claim)
  • Products Liability: £60m (each and every claim and per policy year)
  • Professional Indemnity: £10m (each and every claim)
  • Abuse:£10m (each and every claim and per policy year, including costs)
  • Directors & Officers Liability:£1m per place to play / £5m overall limit (each and every claim and per policy year, including costs)

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Are venues that are part of a wider commercial organisation or chain covered?

No, cover for a family of commercial venues will be arranged by the owners of the venue parent company in respect of the risks arising from all if their activities, including tennis.

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Are local authority venues covered?

Where a registered place to play is a court (or courts) witnin a local authority owned park it is the primary responsibility of the local authority to arrange its own insurance. 

Where these courts are used for a LTA recognised coaching programme, the place to play is covered whilst this coaching is taking place, and only in respect of the tennis activity itself. At all other times, and in respect of non-tennis activity at all times, the responsibility remains with the local authority and it should have insurance arranged to cover this.

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What activities are covered?

Protection is provided for a wide range of activities related to the place to play, including:

  • Organised tennis activities including training, tournaments and competitions
  • Social, fundraising and administrative duties
  • A place to play which borrows, rents or leases premises for sporting or social purposes and is held liable for any damage to the facilities
  • Courses, where the course is taking place at the place to play or an alternative venue (e.g. school) and whether or not the participants are members of the place to play, if the course is delivered by the club's employed coach

Any self employed coach will not be covered by the Place to Play insurances but if LTA Accredited+ they will be covered for tennis activity by the LTA Accredited+ coaches cover.

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Are Local Player Development Centre (LPDC) and Regional Player Development Centres (RPDC) covered under the LTA Insurance?

Yes, if you are a members club. If you are a commercial centre, local authority venue or education facility you should arrange your own insurance cover for all your activities. 

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Are multi-sports venues covered?

A number of registered Venues are multi-sports venues and the LTA liability cover will operate for additional activities UNLESS specifically excluded (see below) or where specific cover for those other sporting activities is available through a direct affiliation to the relevant National Governing Body. 

These multi-sport covers apply to all Venues EXCEPT commercial centres, local authority run centres and education facilities who should arrange their own insurance cover for all their activities. 

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Are all additional sports covered?

Cover is provided for all racquet sports (including general physical training for tennis) and other activities UNLESS specifically excluded (see below) or where specific cover for those sporting activities is available through a direct affiliation to the relevant National Governing Body. 

Activities specifically excluded are:

Football, Rugby, Hockey, Cricket (other than indoor quick cricket), any Martial Arts (including self-defence classes but excluding boxercise and body combat), Rowing, Sailing, Canoeing, Windsurfing, Scuba Diving, any Equestrian Sports, any Airborne Sports, Rock Climbing/Mountaineering, Abseiling, Bungee Jumping, Potholing, Zorbing, any Motor Sports. 
NB. Football and tag/touch rugby are covered if they are organised as part of a tennis coaching session or as a fitness method for players under the guidance of an LTA Accredited+ coach.

All activity should be delivered by coaches who are appropriately qualified. 

If the club is contracting an external coach or personal trainer to deliver non racket sports sessions it is essential that the club ensures that this coach has the appropriate insurance for the activities that they are running. This should form part of the contract for services between the club and the coach and the club should confirm the appropriateness of the cover by obtaining a copy of the instructor’s insurance documents. 

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Is there a policy excess to pay in the event of a claim?

No, there is no excess to pay in the event of a claim. 

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If a place to play has more than one team and one team plays a match at an alternative site, is the place to play covered?

Yes, the place to play is covered for any of its teams or players playing or training at grounds away from the place to play.

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If a third party is hiring out the premises of a place to play, is the place to play covered by the LTA's Liability insurance?

Yes, the policy will provide cover to the place to play for your legal liability at law in respect of claims that are made for injury, loss or damage that arise out of an act of negligence on your part. The policy does not provide any form of indemnity to hirers, however, in respect of their own liability.

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What action should older juniors (i.e. 12-16 year olds) take who play on a registered place to play's courts during the day with friends (who are not members) if the juniors do not have a key to the clubhouse for security reasons.

A responsible junior member should ensure that the non-member's details are recorded at the place to play as soon as is practically possible.

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If juniors (who are not members of a registered place to play) are regularly attending coaching sessions or courses, do they need to sign a visitor's book in order to be covered by the insurance?

Individuals (non members) attending courses are covered through the LTA's insurance policy.

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Is it acceptable for juniors (who are members of a registered place to play) to participe without adult supervision?

It is recommended (and good practice) that if juniors are playing/practicing at a registered place to play, it is the place to play's responsibility to provide the correct "duty of care", i.e. there should be a responsible adult, such as a parent, on site during this time. This would help minimise the risk of either the children causing damage or injury, or the children being injured or put into a situation which would need to be reported under the LTA Child Protection procedures.

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Are Cardio Tennis sessions covered?

Cardio Tennis is a recognised LTA initiative and Venues are covered to deliver Cardio Tennis sessions provided that the coach delivering the sessions is appropriately qualified to do so. It is advisable that the coach should obtain a declaration from all participants prior to the session (or course of sessions), in writing, that they are not aware of any pre existing medical conditions that mean they should not take part.

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Are venues covered to host a fireworks or bonfire party?

We would recommend that the club should have the fireworks or bonfire party arranged by an independent contractor who carries their own insurance protection. If the club is arranging its own display, however, cover is included provided that the club complies with teh risk management requirements of the LTA's insurers. These can be found here. If there are expected to be more than 1,000 spectators present, the club should contact Howden and provide a copy of its risk assessment in order that cover can be agreed.

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Are venues insured for Public/Employers Liability in respect of changing floodlight bulbs?

No, cover is not provided due to the level of height. We recommend that you use a contractor who should hold their own liability cover.

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