FAQs for Counties


What insurance cover do counties receive via the LTA?

The counties are insured for liability and their office property and their portable sports equipment. Further details of the cover are noted in the summary of cover here

Who covers the insurance for travel, personal equipment , belongings when playing for my county?

UK travel cover may be dependent on an overnight stay and could have the option to include cover for personal belongings and sports equipment for players if required.  The main cover for UK travel would be for cancellation. It may be that players already have their own equipment covered under their household policy, but please ask them to check with their insurer to confirm. 

It is for each County to arrange their own cover based on their own needs and requirements.  Please telephone Howden on 0121 698 8160 for a quotation. 

Are players in the counties covered for Personal Accident Insurance?

No, there is no insurance provided under the LTA for this benefit.

What type of driving licence do I need to drive a 12x seater minibus?

You should hold a full UK licence and meet certain conditions these are noted on the following DVLA link https://www.gov.uk/driving-a-minibus

Who covers liability when driving players to county matches in private vehicles?

The motor insurer will provide the necessary cover when the player is in the vehicle. The county may wish to implement that checks are made to ensure the driver has a valid licence to drive and the vehicle is insured.

Are County Cup supervisors required to request copies of the home venue’s safeguarding policies, procedures and risk assessments?

When a county organise an event the county is required to ensure that the host venue and its facilities are fit for purpose. One way of doing so is to ensure the host venue has appropriately assessed its venue facilities and requesting copies will provide clarity.