SportsCare Physiotherapy for LTA Accredited+ Coaches

As an LTA Accredited+ coach, even a minor injury could prevent you from coaching. SportsCare protection provides necessary physiotherapy or rehabilitation services for musculoskeletal injuries to help you get back to work.

Cover is available to Accredited+ coaches aged between 16 and 65 years in respect of any musculoskeletal injury, sustained whilst you are coaching as an Accredited+ coach, which prevents you from being able to coach for 3 days.

The scheme entitles you to an initial consultation followed by up to 4 treatment sessions in respect of up to 4 separate, non-related injuries in each LTA Coach Accreditation+ year.

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Please refer to the below link to set up access to Physiotherapy services:
Claims for physiotherapy treatment made by LTA Accredited+ Coaches under the Physiocare are handled directly by IPRS.

What is not covered?

Treatment will not be provided in respect of injuries:

  • Caused by wear and tear or over-use
  • Which did not specifically occur within the period of your LTA Coach Accreditation+ year
  • Where, in the clinical opinion of the service provider, it's neither reasonable or apprioriate to do so
  • For which treatment has already been received under the current LTA Coach Accreditation+ year.