Registered Venues

As a registered venue you have a duty of care to all those participating in the sport and visitors. A club must do all it reasonably can to reduce or eliminate loss, damage or injury to others and it may be held legally liable to others if it fails to do so.

Cover has been arranged for LTA registered venues that are members' clubs, however commercial centres and Local Authority venues should arrange their own insurance cover. (See FAQs for further details).

Cover for registered places to play includes:

  • Public Liability insurance - protects the club and its committee against a claim made against you following loss, damage or injury to someone else or their property. Cover is provided by Hiscox and other insurers up to a maximum limit of £60m.
  • Employers' Liability insurance - covers the club, or committee if held liable for an injury that an employee suffers during the course of employment. The policy includes injuries to volunteers and the maximum limit of cover is £10million. This is a legal requirement for any place to play that employs people. Cover is provided by Hiscox.
  • Director's & Officer's insurance - all club committee members have a personal liability for any claim that is made against the club for breach of duty to a maximum of £1m any one claim/per policy year. D&O cover is provided by Hiscox, to protect club officials and committee members. If you feel your venue should arrange a higher limit of cover please contact Howden to discuss your requirements and arrange a quotation.  Examples of breach of duty include:
    • Mismanagement of club finances
    • Breach of fire safety regulations
    • Corporate manslaughter
A copy of the Directors and Officers policy schedule can be viewed here




BASeline Business Advice Service

BASeLINE offers registered tennis venues and accredited coaches free advice on legal and tax issues.

0344 571 7986

Legal advice is available 24/7, and tax advice available between 9am and 5pm on weekdays (except bank holidays).

The advice covers business-related legal matters within EU law and tax matters within the UK. Your query will be dealt with by a qualified specialist.