Whether you're a member, coach, official or responsible for running a registered venue, here you will find information about the insurance arranged by the LTA, as part of its duty of care to protect you.
LTA constituents are covered by Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance policy arranged with Hiscox Insurance (policy number HU PI6 1838055). This protects affiliated members, accredited coaches, officials and registered places to play if held responsible for causing injury to someone else or damage to someone's property.
Bonfire Night update - if your club is organising an event, don't forget to check your obligations.

Court Cover - Tennis Club Property Insurance

Court Cover is a specialist tennis club insurance policy tailored to the needs of your tennis club. It is the only insurance policy endorsed by the LTA as we understand the risks your tennis club faces, from damage to the courts, club house and equipment and theft of stock.

One act of vandalism, accident or fire could have a significant impact on the club you've worked so hard to maintain.

For more information and to obtain a no obligation quotation visit the Court Cover website.



Please note: all information relating to insurance is valid only until the renewal date of any particular policy, for details of cover after that date please contact Howden.